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1. How do I book into a class? If you are already a member of Fortius you can book into your next class by our TeamUp account, follow the link here. 


If you are not a member yet we are currently offer a 6 Week Challenge. For membership options explore our memberships via our TeamUp account here.

2. Do I have to be a member to attend classes? We run a member-focused gym with daily classes, to get the most value from Fortius we recommend taking out a membership. Give our current Trial offers a go or you can attend our classes by a Pay-As-You-Go rate at £8 per class, you will need to register your email by our TeamUp account and purchase your class here. 

3. How do I become a member? Joining up is easy. Follow the link here to our Fortius TeamUpp account here you can view our various membership options, register and join. 

4. What is SGPT? Small Group Personal Training or SGPT for short, is semi-private personal training sessions with 1 coach and up to 6 members. Our facility is specifically designed to offer SGPT. Our Pod System ensures everyone has their own area with their own bar, rack, bench and weights. Read more about the benefits of SGPT here.

5. I'm interested in joining the SGPT classes- do I pick my own time slot? Yes! Our coaches deliver a variety of sessions running am and pm. You simply log onto our Fortius TeamUp app and select a time that suits you and book. Classes can be booked up to 14 days in advance.

6. I am new to the gym or a complete beginner, is Fortius the right place for me? Yes! A majority of our members started as complete beginners. We also have a beginner specific zone where everyone starts out.  Fortius also has a team of accredited coaches- we teach you to move betterget stronger and build a healthier lifestyle.  Our classes feature quality content with coaches that ensure you are moving correctly and safely. We provide you with the skills and knowledge to build a healthy fitness regime-  we help real people get real results!

7. Where is Fortius located? We are located in Dargan Crescent with Duncrue in Belfast. See our map at the bottom of this page or follow the google link for directions below. We are located within Graham Industrial Park on the corner of Dargan Crescent (follow signs for the Bath Shack- we are in the same Industrial Park. Once you enter the follow the units around to the right, we are the 2nd last unit along this first row on the left- look for the black and yellow!

8. Do you have showers and changing areas? Yes! our new shower and changing facilities give our members more comfort and freedom to plan Fortius around their busy routines. We are also in the process of finalizing new kitchen and lounge areas- once finished these will be perfect spaces for our members to share, connect and refresh!

9. Do you offer 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions? Yes- We specialise in SGPT but are conscious that some customers still prefer a 1-2-1 training experience. All of our expert coaches offer personal training daily from 6.00am- 8.00pm. Please contact us today if you are interesting in arranging.

10. How are you managing Covid-19? Your health & safety is important. We carry out frequent cleaning procedures. Hand sanitiser and spray are located at workout racks. SGPT sessions also use our Pod System which means everyone has their own area with their own bar, rack, bench and weights- limiting sharing during your session. 

11. Where can I view your GDPR, Privacy Policy & Terms? right here...

12. Do you offer 1-2-1 PT? Yes- all of our highly qualified coaches also offer 1-2-1 personal training classes within Fortius. Too arrange contact us via any of the following. 

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