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RAMEY ADAMS                 

Head coach Ramey first established Fortius with the desire to create a member focused training environment, offering a high standard of coaching with an exceptional level of service that drives results.


Ramey came from an athletics background, competing for Great Britain and N. Ireland as a middle distance athlete before starting his career as a PE teacher. His training, competition and education background has shaped the Fortius ethos. Committed to ongoing learning and delivering up-to-date coaching he is currently studying an MSc in Strength and Conditioning, is an accredited UK Strength and Conditioning Coach and Education Tutor for both British Athletics and Elite Performance Institute. These credentials ensure both Fortius staff and members receive world class coaching and support, and the best training methods and systems to achieve their goals.  


Since starting work at Fortius in September 2020 on return from Australia, and as a member of Fortius for 6 years, Darcy has been supported, coached and mentored closely by head coach Ramey. She has a BSc Hons in Sports Studies, is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and recently became certified in Pre & Postnatal Coaching.


Darcy came from a gymnastics background spanning 17 years as an athlete, coach, mentor, administrator and an event co-ordinator. This wealth of experience meant she was perfectly equipped with the transferable skills to thrive in her role at Fortius. She has dedicated a lot of her time to growing her CPD in gymnastics and S&C,  performing and coaching movement skills in both youth and adult populations to an exceptionally high standard.  This level of expertise aids the delivery of our world class service provided to our members here at Fortius.

"The reason I coach is because of the impact my coaches throughout the years have had on me. They have shaped and inspired me to be better.  I want to be able to help and inspire others to improve both mentally and physically as a person while enjoying their fitness journey."

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Josh played football from a young age and quickly became interested in strength and conditioning as a means of progress and gaining muscle for his sport. Completing a Foundation Degree in Sport, Exercise and Fitness accelerated his obsession for training for performance; he moved to Loughborough completing a BSc in Applied Sports Science and in late 2020 enrolled onto an MSc in Strength and Conditioning at Ulster University.


Josh first contacted Ramey for some guidance and first hand coaching experience during his Masters. Under the intensive support, guidance and mentorship of Ramey, he soon took an opportunity to work as an intern at Fortius in April 2021. Fast forward 5 months he soon became a full time member of the Fortius coaching staff.

By the age of 22, Josh has a BSc, MSc and is a certified S&C coach (NCSC) for both adult and youth populations (YSCC). He continues to pursue the advancement of his expertise professionally and personally. Currently, he is working with a national level speed coach  to enhance his athletic ability and knowledge of coaching speed. He also frequently attends multiple workshops to aid in providing Fortius members with a world class coaching service and support to achieve their goals.

Despite his young age, Josh has a wealth of knowledge attributed to his years in academia that he can utilise to help any population he works with, whether it be the general population or athletes, achieve their goals. 

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"Growing up I was considerably smaller and weaker than other people my age. I was regularly told I needed to get stronger and put on muscle, yet I was never provided with a solution of how to do it. I tried to do it myself by joining a gym when I was 16 but naturally, I was intimated by the setting and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had no one to provide guidance on how to lift with correct technique, how to appropriately load an exercise or how to achieve my goals...  I coach because I know I am not the only person who has felt this way. I can provide the platform that people use for guidance and support that I wish I had, to help the people I work with become competent and confident gym-goers. Learning all of the fundamental movement patterns is a life skill that, I think, is terribly underrated."

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